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Job Well Done

Dear Calusa Board of Directors,


First, I wish to congratulate your wonderful progress at turning around the organization of the Calusa Campground. I purchased a lot here two years ago with great difficulty in obtaining basic documents relating to the condominium association, Condo By-Laws, Budget, and Financial Statements. While this is a standard practice to obtain said information, it was like pulling teeth to obtain it. In fact, I finally cancelled my first purchase attempt because I could not obtain it in a timely manner. The second offer was easier but still lengthy to obtain said documents. This is very basic stuff and should not be difficult at all!


The next year I went to the first board meeting and it turned into a yelling and screaming match which showed me how poorly this association was being run. Since that time, I have not used my lot, nor could I obtain basic information from the prior management. I felt that I had made a terrible mistake purchasing in this HOA subdivision. 

Then, approximately six months ago out of nowhere, I received a full financial accounting relating to my account. Congratulations! Apparently, the management company was replaced!!! Long overdue!


Recently, I purchased a trailer and moved it onto my lot and was able to obtain the  needed information relatively easy and the move in went very smooth. Again, congratulations to the new Calusa Campground management team!


I have now stayed here for nine days and have enjoyed my stay and have begun to meet a few people and have gotten to know the Calusa staff fairly well from stopping in the office to pick up packages, ask questions about services etc. The staff is not only friendly but they are “quite efficient”. 


There was, however, an issue that arose that related to my personal property and security. I will not elaborate on the specifics about the item of how the problem was resolved by your “outstanding staff” as it would give away some information that should be kept confidential to insure that it is not general knowledge and this security system can be used again if needed. Fortunately, in this case, the property was returned by the person who took it…. eventually. We allowed a reasonable amount of time for this to happen and were glad that it did end well. However, I can assure you had it not been returned, that party would have been arrested and jailed. So sorry that I can not go into more detail, as it would make you feel very secure about where we live. 


What I want you to know as the Board of Directors is this, Annie was the key player in making this happen because of her specific skill (not disclosing) and that the entire staff worked “together” to keep track of this person while it was occuring! Truly great team work! 


For further details, you will need to speak privately with Maria the Property Manager who was consulted by the staff on the best procedures to follow and she can disclose to you how this would have ended up in prosecution if the item had not been returned. You have a really great team working to accomplish your goals in building a safe, secure and friendly community that we can all be happy living and working within.


As a sign of my appreciation, I am gifting to the management team the following donation $25 to Annie who spearheaded this security endeavor with her special skills and additional $75 to the other members of the staff involved that provided assistance. I strongly believe in rewards for outstanding performance. Great job!



Owner At Calusa

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